Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cought in the process of making caricatures

in the last year. all my caricatures have been drawn with graphite and colored with airbrush.

The process of one of my quick caricatures.

some updated caricatures of people.

i like how this one came out.

My opinion of Armando...

This was a quick one of David. ehh i didnt really care too much for it but ehh. i just had to put something up, tonight.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Friday, December 18, 2009

Freelance Caricature Work

This is just some recent work i finished last night, for a family that lives in Canada. I think they live in Canada. I've decided to use this to show the process of how i did it. Early sketch, the final drawing, then i colored in PScs3.

"Old" stuff Cartoon of You

These are just some old caricatures that i found in my computer files from when i worked at Cartoon of You in Universal. These are pretty old, almost 2 years old. They were'nt my best or anything, i just feel the need to put them up. Dont know why?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ribbet (work in progress)

This is Ribbet. It is one of my attempts recently to get back into traditional oil painting. I haven't done any oil painting for many years, but i like how its turning out. Anyways this is a made up creature from the twisted thoughts in the caverns of my brain.
The painting isn't finished yet, but here i am showing you my process so far. i started with a simple pencil drawing that took me about 30 minutes to make. That was because i couldnt let the drawing go. i kept having to add more to the drawing because it just wouldnt feel complete several times. After that i made a tonal painting with acrylic paints. Using a burnt sienna hue, and i tried to work out all of the tones, from shadows to midtones to highlights. At this point i also added the silhouette of the backround, which i imagined to be a small valley if big heavy rocks. After that process i went ahead and started incorporating other colors to the painting like the blues that i had in mind for the cold dark rocks and the purples that i had in mind for the darker areas of his skin. Then i just took that process even further, going from a tonal painting to a somewhat detailed acrylic underpainting. At this point i am using a more varied palette of colors, but with the knowledge that this will all be covered and painted over again with the oil paint on top.
Once i was satisfied with the acrylic underpainting, i know started repainting the image with Oil paints. the acryllics seemed to be really good at first for laying down and establishing the tones and basic colors that you will carry throughout the painting, and then the oil paints are responsible for giving the painting its strong, vibrant, true to life colors (depending on how you use them of course. However the acrylics could be just just as good to use entirely alone also, it all depends on how good you are in using them). However, during the process of the painting i did actually screw up at one point... When i started painting with the oils, i felt that i should have put some kind of clear primer on the painting first before i continued doing any more oil painting, and i felt that i had to do that because the acrylic underpainting didnt quite cover the whole surface of the board, therefore the clear primer would make sure that the whole surface was protected. But the problem was that "CLEAR" primer isnt really that clear. it left a somewhat transparent yet still visible white paste over my acrylic underpainting, therefore kind of defeating the purpose of the acrylic underpaint a bit or a lot actually. I should of put the primer right after the initial pencil drawing or not put at all. I realized i didnt have put any primer on the painting because the acrylic underpainting already acted as some kind of primer, even if some areas didnt quite have a thick enough layer of acrylic on it. so that was a screw up, that i had to deal with.
So moving on... After adding some details with the oil paints here and there on Ribbet's body, i started to paint in the darkest shadows of the giant rocks on the ground and sides, then i added the highlights of the (imaginary)moon above it, and some of the midtones.
I will post more on this painting as it gets completed.......

Alexander Casanova